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How Does Our Training Work?

Buying and managing training from Required Training Solutions is as easy as online shopping.

Watch this short video, or click through the slide show at the bottom of this page.

Want to know that one of our issued certificates is legit?

You Can Be Confident

Fully Online Course Delivery

Required Training Solutions’ courses are delivered entirely online over the web, and can be accessed from desktop, tablet or smartphone.  Students click through short lessons and quizzes in a logical sequence.  All courses are bookmarked —  Students can leave the course and later resume training, as many times as needed.  When they return to the course students resume where they left off, without the need to repeat content.

Complete and Compliant

Required Training Solutions’ online courses for were developed specially in response to state training mandates.  We crafted our curricula using experienced curriculum developers, the legislation’s requirements, and the published reference materials from state agencies.  Our decades of experience in product, service and financial businesses in large and small companies came in handy when describing behavior and best practices guidance.  We subjected our completed courses to thorough review by qualified state legal counsel with expertise in employment law.  Required Training Solutions meets or exceeds all statutory requirements for training and curriculum.  Finally, we use our courses in our own businesses to document our compliance with the law, so you can be secure in our confidence in the training.

Immediate Certificate

Immediately upon completing one of our courses, the student’s certificate is generated in PDF format.  Students can download, save, email and/or print their certificates at will.   We recommend that employees distribute three copies of their completion certificate: keeping one at home for their own records; giving one to their immediate supervisor to signal completion of the required training; and sending one to their Human Resources representative to put in their personnel file.

A Superior Training Solution

Online Training, Made Easier

Delivered entirely via the web at the student’s pace, your employees can train at any time or day at your convenience.  Interactive modules are presented in small sections in timed, stop/start, retest-until-pass format.



Manage Employees and Seat Licenses

Easily see which students have accessed the training and which purchased course links have been used in real time via the HR Manager tab.

Download certificates at completion.

Buy more courses at any time as needed.

No Triggering Visuals or Videos

The images used in our training are simple, clear and effective.  We don’t need cringeworthy pictorials or creepy videos to help your employees understand what they need to do and to refrain from doing.

Can’t View the Video?

Here are the key steps in slideshow form: 

Add Courses to the Shopping Cart...

Our retail store is set up for quick and easy self-service and is available 24/7/365.  Simply add the number of courses of each type you would like to buy for your organization to the shopping cart, starting with the Buy menu, above.  One course trains one person.  Use the + to increment more courses, or click in the box and key in a number.  Click Add to Cart.  Repeat for any additional courses.




... then, Check Out.


Check out using an email, userID and password that you think of as administrative credentials.


You will later use these credentials to log in to your My Dashboard control panel to monitor students’ progress and download certificates…




Look for the "Your Purchased Links" email

Check the purchasing user’s email for a message with the subject:  Your Purchased Links for Training from Required Training Solutions.

The first part of this email contains information to set your students up for success in training.

The lower part of the email contains coded hyperlinks, one for each course/student you purchased.






Copy and Paste to Distribute Courses

 One at a time, right-click each coded hyperlink in the email and choose Copy Hyperlink.

Start a new email to the person who should train using that course and Paste the link together with any message introducing the mandatory training.

Send the email, and repeat for remaining students.






When your employee clicks on the link you have sent them, they will be taken to a self-registration page. You do not need to register your employees.

Students enter their name as they want it to appear on their certificate.  The email address used here is for any needed password resets.







Once your student has registered, s/he will be taken to the My Courses tab of My Dashboard.  Clicking on Launch Course will start the course they have been sent.

Students can stop and restart the course easily, multiple times without repeating content unnecessarily.  So interruptions are not a problem.

A timer ensures that the required amount of time is spent with the content.







When a student completes our course, a certificate is immediately generated.  The certificate, in PDF form, can be downloaded, printed, or emailed.

We advise students take 3 copies of the certificate:  one for their records, one to their immediate supervisor to show they’ve finished the required training, the last to an HR representative for their personnel file.

Download from the student’s My Achievements tab, and/or the purchaser’s HR Manager tab.












Monitor progress by your students using the HR Manager tab of My Dashboard under the purchasing login.  See which links have been used by whom, course start and completion date/time, and click on the link to download the student’s completion certificate.