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Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Courses for California Dental Professionals

These courses allow SB-1343 compliance while at the same time earning California Dental Board continuing education credit.

The Non-supervisor course earns 1 hour of CE credit, and the Supervisor course earns 2 hours.  A certificate suitable for Dental Board CE compliance documentation is automatically produced upon completion.

And, as with all our California courses, these are fully online self-paced, bookmarked, timed, stop/start as many times as you want without resetting the timer, retest-until-pass format.  Courses are available from internet-connected desktops and laptops as well as tablets and mobile phones.

Please watch this two minute video

Before you buy your sexual harassment prevention training.

Don’t waste time and money!

Other CE courses may not be offered by a Qualified Trainer under the statute and interactive and individualized, and therefore not SB 1343-compliant.

Our courses give you two certificates, proving trainees met both requirements at the same time.

Choose from two different registration methods

"4U/For You": These Courses Train the PURCHASER ONLY

Courses intended for self training assign the purchased course directly to the purchase method holder's account created during checkout for fast and simple self-training immediately.  These courses/course bundles can only be purchased in single units, and only once per training period by the same purchaser.  Use courses from this section to train yourself; if you need to use a credit card in a different name or to buy for and train others such as company employees, please see the "To Train Another" registration type, elsewhere on this page.

"To Train Another":  Choose These Courses to Train OTHERS

Courses in this section allow one person to buy and one or more different person(s) to train, with each having their own login credentials. Both the purchaser and every trainee must have their own unique email address. These products are intended for training one or more other people and may be purchased in bulk.  One course or course bundle trains one person.  Upon purchase, uniquely coded one-time-use hyperlinks will be emailed to the purchaser, one link per course purchased, for distribution to trainees.  Students receiving the link will be taken to a self-registration-or-login page and then presented with the course or course bundle purchased. One unit of product provides one course or course bundle which trains one person.

Bought the Wrong Course Type?

No worries!

Email us at, or call us at (800) 806-4133,
as we’d be delighted to assist you in swapping them out.

Continuing Education Registered Provder Permit # RP5899

Our Dental Board of California Continuing Education Registered Provider Permit # is RP5899

We are honored to serve you in this capacity.