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Most people who request a demo of our courses don’t want to look at every single section of the training.  The quickest and easiest way to sample or test-drive our courses is to go to the course page under the Buy menu above, then click on the course you’re interested in.  Scroll down to the course curriculum and click on any section with a Preview button.  This will allow you to preview that section.   

We’re also happy to make full-length course demos available, for example, to test proprietary hardware in a field location or compare browser versions.  However: given that most everyone who might test this course also need to complete training themselves, why make your tester go through the course twice? 

Most new customers who buy one course go on to buy many more, and we expect you will too.  Having said that, if you require a full-length course demo please fill out the form below.

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Request to Demo

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