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Sexual Harassment Prevention Courses
for workers in states without a state-specific sexual harassment prevention training requirement

These courses are especially appropriate for:

  • multi-state companies using our state-specific trainings and wanting to train the rest of staff

  • organizations desiring to set a consistent behavior expectation across all USA workers

  • enterprises wanting to update their workers on the implications of the most recent developments in federal employment harassment prevention

  • companies in states without a state-specific training requirement who want to offer or require sexual harassment prevention training

  • companies wanting to reduce business risk

  • supplementary or refresher training

  • workforce remediation/response following a harassment-related incident

These courses are fully online, self-paced, bookmarked, stop/start as many times as you want without unnecessarily repeating content, retest-until-pass format.  Courses are available from internet-connected desktops and laptops as well as tablets and mobile phones.

These courses include the latest required distribution information arising from the Families First Coronavirus Response Act.

These courses also include the impacts of the June 2020 Supreme Court decisions on Bostock v. Clayton County, Ga. Altitude Express v. Zarda, and R.G. & G.R. Harris Funeral Homes v. EEOC.

Please don‘t choose courses on this page
for workers in states with state-specific training requirements
or for professionals requiring Continuing Education credit.

Ready to Train?

Choose from two different kinds of courses:

Ready to Train?

Choose from two different kinds of courses:

“For You”: Choose These Courses to Train YOURSELF

Courses intended for self training assign the purchased course directly to the purchaser’s account for fast and simple self-training immediately upon checkout – no delays!  These courses can only be purchased in single units, although a purchaser may buy different courses (for example, a non-licensed professional becomes licensed and now needs the CE course).  Every trainee must have their own unique email address.  Use courses from this section to train yourself; if you need to train members of your staff, please see the “For Your Staff” section.

“For Your Staff”:  Choose These Courses to Train OTHERS

Courses in this section allow one person to buy and a different person to train, with each having their own login credentials. Both the purchaser and every trainee must have their own unique email address. These products are intended for training one or more other people and may be purchased in bulk.  One unit trains one person.  Upon purchase, uniquely coded one-time-use hyperlinks will be sent to the purchaser, one per course purchased, for distribution to trainees.  People receiving the link will be taken to a self-registration-or-login page and then presented with the course purchased. One unit of product provides one course which trains one person.

Bought the Wrong Course Type?

No worries! 

Email us at, or call us at (800) 806-4133, as we’d be delighted to assist you in swapping them out.