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CT 2024-2026 Harassment Prevention *SPANISH* 2h training (4ANOTHER)


TRAIN ANOTHER IN SPANISH 2 hour sexual harassment prevention training, fulfills Connecticut state requirements. Allows purchaser to pay for other(s); all must have unique emails. 1 unit trains 1 person

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sexual harassment CT Spanish: low-cost online mobile-friendly training courses from Connecticut Required Training Solutions

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Why take this sexual harassment prevention training?

This course is designed to meet the compliance standards set forth by the Connecticut “Time’s Up” law for worker sexual harassment prevention training within the first six months of employment or within six months of assuming supervisory duties.  The content of this course is appropriate for supervisors and non-supervisory workers alike.

Is this sexual harassment prevention training an online course?

This course is 100% online, offered via the web using any common browser.  If you can buy one of our courses, you have all the technology you need to take one of our courses!  Even from a phone or tablet, any web-connected device, 24/7/365.  Because it’s not a webinar, trainees don’t need to be online at a scheduled time.  You can stop and start our training as you need to without losing your place or your progress.  And the instant trainees successfully pass one of our courses, they are immediately presented with a completion certificate in PDF format to download, print, email, or save.  Purchasers of training for their workers are able to track their trainees’ progress in real-time, and download certificates of completion directly from the online portal control panel.

With which state requirements does this harassment prevention training comply?

This course meets and exceeds the sexual harassment prevention training requirement of Conn. § 46a-54 (15) for all workers within their first six months of employment. The training is individualized and interactive, permitting students to ask questions and receive answers.

Who does this course or course bundle train?  What is the registration format of this course product?

This version of our course is delivered in the “ To Train Another / For Your Staff ” registration format, with unique hyperlinks delivered to the purchaser/administrator by email for distribution by them to individual workers/others.  Both the purchaser/administrator and the trainee(s) must have unique (not shared) email addresses. One unit of training product trains one person.  This version of the course is like the “4U / Train Yourself” course in all respects except the form of registration.

For a quick video of how our “Train Another” courses work, please see this page.

Your trainees don’t have email?  See this help resource.

Can I see my trainees’ progress with the course?

The purchaser/administrator of any of our ” To Train Another / For Your Staff ” registration format products can see all their trainees’ progress in real time on the HR Manager tab of the My Dashboard control panel when logged in using the credentials created or used at purchase checkout.

Can I get a copy of my trainees’ certificate(s) of completion if they forget to save one?

The purchaser/administrator of any of our ” To Train Another / For Your Staff ” registration format products can download any/all of their trainees’ certificate(s) of completion the instant they are earned using  the HR Manager tab of the My Dashboard control panel when logged in using the credentials created or used at purchase checkout.



How long does this sexual harassment prevention training take to complete?

This course requires a minimum of two hours (120 minutes) of time spent with the course content.  It does NOT have to be completed all in one sitting.  Some people take longer depending on their preferred learning speed. The course has no maximum time limit to complete.  ( Your region may have compliance training deadlines, but we don’t enforce these – we’d rather train people a little late rather than never! )

What can I expect from this sexual harassment prevention training experience?

You’ll do a lot of reading at your own pace, and a lot of clicking or tapping.

We’re required to make our courses interactive and individualized, so we present material in small chunks, but as fast as you want to see it. Don’t worry, you don’t have to complete the course all in one sitting. If you need a break or to take care of something, feel free to step away. While the system will time you out if you don’t click or tap on anything for about ten minutes, every click or tap is saving your place and your progress.

You’ll see a lot of cute pictures of animals.

We don’t serve up a lot of cringeworthy pictures of people doing creepy things to others.  We’re willing to bet you already know what creepy is, so we spare you the visuals.

 sexual harassment prevention training: a baby bunny is a non-triggering image

We won’t show you icky videos.

For the same reason we don’t show you ugly and possibly triggering pictures, we don’t use videos in this course or in any of our sexual harassment prevention training or related courses.  Because the book is always better than the movie, we prefer to teach by positive example rather than making trainees squirm in discomfort.  We know you’ll appreciate this.

The first few lessons teach you how to take the course.

We use the first few lessons to explain how to use the course controls, and there’s a sample quiz to teach you how to take a quiz.  If you’ve taken one of our courses previously, this will all be familiar and you can skip through the intro part.  You’ll be into the meat of the content quickly.

There are quizzes and a final exam.

But don’t worry, all our quizzes, including the final exam, are retest-until-pass.  We don’t count how many times anyone retakes any quiz.  And we always explain the quiz answers, including why the right answer is right and the other answer choices are wrong.  So it’s easy to get 100% on our courses.

There’s an online help resource.

In case you should need it, help is one click away.  Feel free to open the link and leave it open in another window or bookmark it if you’d like.

Help in English:

Technical Help | FAQs

Help in Spanish:

Ayuda Técnica | Preguntas frecuentes

Where can I see the detailed curriculum for this sexual harassment prevention training course?

CT 2024-2026 Harassment Prevention SPANISH 2 hr course (4ANOTHER)


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